Benefits of Web Based ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

ERP software solution streamlines most of the business processes, reduces time consuming and tedious manual operations. It gives required information by storing it from all the sections in a standard format and gives access to the people to retrieve the data they require to complete their jobs.

Web Based ERP software can be easily accessed by users of various sections of an organization at the same time with their particular work wise logins. The software can be deployed to the web server or on local server depending on the client requirements. It also can be accessed on the mobile devices and tablets. The server is located with the source and the users can access the program through the world wide web. It creates web based ERP more perfect by cutting down the sources.

These software used for business management, covers the business processes such as manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, Point of Sale, inventory management, accounting, financial, HR management, service and maintenance. “Decision making” and “Ease of use” are two most important factors that were taken into consideration. There is very less time required for a user to be able to use the software and to assist the higher management monitoring the effectiveness of the different business functions.

With the fast-growing business needs in India and worldwide, the requirement for substantial and still fast ERP solution is a compulsory. The integration between various modules of the system helps to decrease time wasted to complete a task, improve efficiency and focus on business visibility for decision making.

Some core benefits of the system:

  • Accessibility
    No installation on PCs
    Cross platform
    Seamless updates
    Available anywhere, any time
    Less system independent bugs
    Social ennoblement
    Data safety
    Lower software price entry point
    Access to new web assets.
    Mobile Device Access.
    Web-based solutions have shifted from being an ERP platform viewed with doubt to a point where web based ERP is now the selected scenario over the conventional software based applications.