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Cloud Backup

What is Cloud Services?

it consulting santa barbaraCloud Services is a new form of technology that is revolutionizing the IT industry. While the term itself carries a broad meaning, cloud technology refers to any technology founded and facilitated off-site, or, outside of your business location. With its unlimited capacities for data facilitation, cloud technology allows small businesses to operate on the same level as Fortune 500 companies. Many small businesses have experienced stronger system reliability and improved data security after transitioning to cloud server technology. Let On-Site Computer guide you through this exciting and advanced technology movement.


Cost. Cloud based services offer customers the ease of predictable, monthly costs, as well as more affordable up-front costs.

Implementation Time. Unlike on-premise solutions which take months to install, it takes just days to implement cloud server based solutions into your network. The beauty of cloud based solutions is that there is no hardware or software, so our technicians can begin employing your cloud email and data backup almost immediately after signing up.

Perfect for small to medium size businesses model. Because of its low-cost, easy, and flexible system, cloud technology is well suited for small to medium businesses. Cloud based systems offer the same benefits of larger, more traditional on-premise systems – without the big business costs.

Built-in protection. Cloud based systems come with an array of backup and recovery solutions so you can enjoy Worry Free IT protection.