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Tips to Ensure I.T. Services Are Truly Adding Value to Your Business

IT Consulting Santa BarbaraMany businesses, small and large, either have an on-site I.T. department or outsourced I.T. consulting company. Those businesses understand the importance of having a team of professionals and experts to navigate the sometimes-confusing technological world.

You may think that your I.T. department or consulting agency is operating at peak efficiency to provide value for your business, but how do you really know? Your I.T. provider should be able to explain how they help your company and explain in detail exactly how they add value. If they can’t, you might want to find another agency that can.

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Continue reading to see how you can determine the value of your I.T. department or agency.

Don’t blindly accept numbers, graphs or metrics as proof of value

I.T. standards and performances are often demonstrated with varying metrics. The problem with that route is not all metrics show the importance or value of I.T. Sure, high numbers on some items seem good, but what do they really mean to your company’s bottom line? Don’t just accept metrics as proof of value. Talk to your I.T. department or agency to find out what those metrics mean, and more importantly, why those metrics matter.

One key to understanding I.T. value is to discuss a few chosen metrics that have the most impact on business outcomes. Some examples are I.T. budget balance, operational excellence, investment alignment to business strategy, and business value of I.T. investments.

Don’t allow technological jargon or “tech speak.”

There may have been a time when technical jargon was equivalent to expertise, but that’s simply not the case anymore. It’s easy to recite phrases and repeat “tech speak.” If someone knows what they’re doing, they should be able to explain it in layman’s terms and in ordinary English. Really, I.T. should be happy to explain progress, updates and contributions in a way that everyone can understand; it demonstrates their value. If they can’t explain it a way that you understand, it may be time to look for another I.T. Consulting Santa Barbara provider.

Make your business goals clear and transparent

What you hope to accomplish and what your I.T. provider thinks you want to accomplish can be two very different things. Many times the company assumes I.T. knows what their priorities should be, but sometimes they make decisions that don’t align with company goals. This misdirection can add unnecessary challenges and problems.

Your I.T. provider cannot truly add value to your business if they don’t understand your business goals. A business needs to discuss business goals clearly and transparently to their I.T. provider. The business also needs to make sure that the I.T. provider actually understands the specific business goals. Once everyone is working in the same direction, progress will flow much more smoothly.

Finding the Right I.T. Provider

The right I.T. provider can add tremendous power and value to your business.

Is your I.T. department helping your company’s bottom line? Is it truly adding value to your company? On-Site Business & IT Solutions, Inc. can help.

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