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Tips to Ensure I.T. Services Are Truly Adding Value to Your Business

IT Consulting Santa BarbaraMany businesses, small and large, either have an on-site I.T. department or outsourced I.T. consulting company. Those businesses understand the importance of having a team of professionals and experts to navigate the sometimes-confusing technological world.

You may think that your I.T. department or consulting agency is operating at peak efficiency to provide value for your business, but how do you really know? Your I.T. provider should be able to explain how they help your company and explain in detail exactly how they add value. If they can’t, you might want to find another agency that can.

If you’re looking for I.T. Consulting Santa Barbara, you’ve found the agency you need. On-Site Business & IT Solutions, Inc. offers quality I.T. support and sustainable I.T. solutions.

Continue reading to see how you can determine the value of your I.T. department or agency.

Don’t blindly accept numbers, graphs or metrics as proof of value

I.T. standards and performances are often demonstrated with varying metrics. The problem with that route is not all metrics show the importance or value of I.T. Sure, high numbers on some items seem good, but what do they really mean to your company’s bottom line? Don’t just accept metrics as proof of value. Talk to your I.T. department or agency to find out what those metrics mean, and more importantly, why those metrics matter.

One key to understanding I.T. value is to discuss a few chosen metrics that have the most impact on business outcomes. Some examples are I.T. budget balance, operational excellence, investment alignment to business strategy, and business value of I.T. investments.

Don’t allow technological jargon or “tech speak.”

There may have been a time when technical jargon was equivalent to expertise, but that’s simply not the case anymore. It’s easy to recite phrases and repeat “tech speak.” If someone knows what they’re doing, they should be able to explain it in layman’s terms and in ordinary English. Really, I.T. should be happy to explain progress, updates and contributions in a way that everyone can understand; it demonstrates their value. If they can’t explain it a way that you understand, it may be time to look for another I.T. Consulting Santa Barbara provider.

Make your business goals clear and transparent

What you hope to accomplish and what your I.T. provider thinks you want to accomplish can be two very different things. Many times the company assumes I.T. knows what their priorities should be, but sometimes they make decisions that don’t align with company goals. This misdirection can add unnecessary challenges and problems.

Your I.T. provider cannot truly add value to your business if they don’t understand your business goals. A business needs to discuss business goals clearly and transparently to their I.T. provider. The business also needs to make sure that the I.T. provider actually understands the specific business goals. Once everyone is working in the same direction, progress will flow much more smoothly.

Finding the Right I.T. Provider

The right I.T. provider can add tremendous power and value to your business.

Is your I.T. department helping your company’s bottom line? Is it truly adding value to your company? On-Site Business & IT Solutions, Inc. can help.

If you’re looking for an IT Consulting Santa Barbara provider, you’ve found the technology experts that will help propel your business. Call us today at (805) 364-5453.

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IT Consulting Santa Barbara

Why choose On-Site Business & IT Solutions, Inc.?

Incredible service with flexible prices

When it comes to Network Support, this local Santa Barbara-based company shines brighter than all the rest. On-Site Business & I.T. Solutions, Inc. offer the best service in the region with a friendly smile to let you know you’re in good hands.


Customer service

santa barbara network supportOn-Site differs from other I.T. companies in that we are constantly asking ourselves what truly goes into the best customer service experience and do out best to provide just that. Our team of highly-skilled engineers are glad to be at your service to do what they love most: Helping your firm reach their I.T. and Software goals and prosper. We are without a doubt the best option for Santa Barbara network support, and we love to put a smile on the faces of our customers and do our best to achieve that.



Highly-skilled engineers

On-Site was founded in 1986 as a small repair service that soon flourished into a full-on I.T. Company. We have even produced our own brand of PCs and Servers. On-Site specializes in Tech, On-Site support, and Business consulting but also offers technological consulting, domain registration, web-designing, web-planning, and unlimited 24/7 I.T. support, as well as options for fixed service prices to prevent surprise costs!

We also offer several Cloud services, including Cloud Backup, Cloud Servers, and Cloud migration. No matter what problems you may encounter, On-Site is here to help and ensure a smooth running technology experience. Whether it’s problems with servers, routers, desktops, firewalls, printers, switches, printers, cables, or wireless devices, On-Site is there to offer a solution and prove that they truly are Santa Barbara’s go-to company for Network Support.


Guaranteed protection for your business

We are highly knowledgeable in all things technology, and will even advise you on when to consider updating your systems to operate them at their maximum efficiency. Whether its PCs, Macs, servers, or databases, we know it all and are fully willing to help our devoted customers until they are 100 percent satisfied. You simply will not find any other I.T. company like On-Site so obsessed with your satisfaction.

When you use On-Site’s services, you are guaranteed 24/7 protection from all malware and viruses, On-Site will monitor your network for virus activity, spyware, malware, failed backups, and will even keep all your systems patched and up to date! On-Site is most certainly without a doubt the best company to go to for Santa Barbara network support. Our engineers are some of the friendliest you will encounter.


Call On-Site Business & I.T. Solutions Inc. for all of your Santa Barbara network support needs! (805) 364-5453

IT Consulting

How we help with your I.T. Consulting

IT Consulting Santa Barbara


Designed just for you. Maximize your company’s overall productivity and performance when you let us custom tailor innovative IT network solutions for your small business. We take our time in getting to know your business from the ground up, and only give you customized, premium IT service.




On-Site Computer believes that IT consulting and support services should save you money in the long run. After all, what’s the point of paying to have someone give you only temporary IT solutions? Our IT consulting model is intended to give you computer services and IT solutions that last – which means giving you economical options for quality IT support.

Pay-As-You-Go IT Support
Through our Pay-As-You-Go IT Support service, customers have the option of only paying for a set number of IT support hours. We install a free agent, monitor your system, and make repairs within a certain time frame. This way, you are free to budget according to the severity of the problem.

The Worry Free IT Managed Services Program
With our Managed Services option, you only pay an affordable fixed price fee based on the size of your network. No matter how much maintenance work and time your system requires, you receive unlimited, comprehensive business IT consulting services. Our technicians can access your network remotely at all times, and our customers can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is our Worry Free IT foundation – and our promise.


Server support

Computer support

Server management

Exchange support

Network and hardware design and setup

Software training and installation

Tech support for software and hardware issues

Affordable, all-inclusive rates for all IT services

On-Site Computer is dedicated to keeping your business running efficiently and smoothly. We maintain constant, remote access to your network so that we can diagnose and eradicate problems as soon as they occur. In addition, if you are ever in need of our services on site, our technicians can be there for you in person.

IT services santa barbara

Managed I.T. Service

24/7 support and predictable costs. IT problems have a tendency to come up when you least expect them. We offer options for fixed pricing for our services, so you never encounter surprise costs. We also provide you with unlimited IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s our Worry Free IT guarantee!

The CompleteCare IT Program

Managed IT Service santa barbaraYou know the drill; something unexpectedly breaks down on your network. Your IT Company comes out to fix it and that is followed by a big bill. Those nightmares can be a distant memory. With CompleteCare IT from On-Site Computer, we work with you to ensure your network doesn’t break in the first place. Our flat-fee monthly approach to billing is our incentive to keep your network running smoothly. The better we do our job, the less you’ll see of us, and the more you’ll get out of your network. At last, you can stop paying for downtime. Doesn’t that make sense?

Included in every CompleteCare IT package

Router and Switch Management. All changes and maintenance of your network routers and firewalls is included in our service contract. Remote Tools and Management. On-Site Computer installs our Management Agent on all workstations. This agent allows us to “Share the Screen” with any PC in your company, checks workstations for problems, and allows us to even install software for you on-demand. Client Portal. All of our CompleteCare IT customers also get a customized service portal with monthly statistics on their network, information on systems, and a service ticketing system with tracking.

CompleteCare IT Basic

We will provide preventative maintenance you would expect from your IT provider once a month – except you’ll get it every day. We monitor your network for spyware, virus activity, and failed backups and keep your systems patched and updated. For service outside of the scope of monitoring and maintenance, we can provide you with discount block hour time or bill out time and materials. In addition to the extensive preventative maintenance, you’ll get access to our Help Desk and Remote Support service. All said the Basic Plan is a great start in the CompleteCare IT program.

CompleteCare IT Advanced

We apply the meticulous preventative maintenance schedule and remote management software from our Basic Plan to put us closer to your network. But with the Advanced Plan, if something does get through to your servers, it’s our problem – not yours. As with the Basic plan your staff has access to our Help Desk and Remote support.

CompleteCare IT Sentinel

CompleteCare Sentinel extends the benefits of our Advanced Plan to where the real work gets done – the workstation. Most support calls can be handled much faster with our Remote Server than waiting for an on-site technician, so we give each of your user’s unlimited access to our live service desk and our on-site technicians. And we still perform all of the monitoring and maintenance of the Basic Plan so you don’t have problems in the first place.

I.T. Services Santa Barbara

Phone System

it support santa barbaraPremium tools for communication. For small businesses, everything begins and ends with powerful and reliable VoIP phone systems. We offer complete phone systems equipped with all the network, software, and hardware features any small business could want.

it consulting santa barbara

Cloud Backup

What is Cloud Services?

it consulting santa barbaraCloud Services is a new form of technology that is revolutionizing the IT industry. While the term itself carries a broad meaning, cloud technology refers to any technology founded and facilitated off-site, or, outside of your business location. With its unlimited capacities for data facilitation, cloud technology allows small businesses to operate on the same level as Fortune 500 companies. Many small businesses have experienced stronger system reliability and improved data security after transitioning to cloud server technology. Let On-Site Computer guide you through this exciting and advanced technology movement.


Cost. Cloud based services offer customers the ease of predictable, monthly costs, as well as more affordable up-front costs.

Implementation Time. Unlike on-premise solutions which take months to install, it takes just days to implement cloud server based solutions into your network. The beauty of cloud based solutions is that there is no hardware or software, so our technicians can begin employing your cloud email and data backup almost immediately after signing up.

Perfect for small to medium size businesses model. Because of its low-cost, easy, and flexible system, cloud technology is well suited for small to medium businesses. Cloud based systems offer the same benefits of larger, more traditional on-premise systems – without the big business costs.

Built-in protection. Cloud based systems come with an array of backup and recovery solutions so you can enjoy Worry Free IT protection.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking: What Does It Mean For You?

There’s no denying that cell phone technology has improved each of our lives in meaningful ways. Our phones keep us in touch with friends, plugs us into world news, and even shows us where to go when we’re lost. It’s the last of these – GPS cell phone tracking – that proves the most ethically problematic, and gives smartphone users the most pause. GPS is a nearly indispensable technology, but it also calls into question whether our data is truly our own.

Let’s try to clear up some of the common misconceptions, and we’ll take a look at what remains and whether or not it constitutes a threat to individual privacy and liberty.

To begin with, GPS cell phone tracking is, generally speaking, a technology that the user must opt to use. The other side of that coin is that they are fully capable of opting out by choosing a phone without GPS. Certain phones even allow the user to select which apps and services have access to the GPS, thereby limiting the tracking that occurs.

Aside from providing driving directions, though, what reason would your phone have to track your location? To begin with, ads will sometimes use GPS in order to provide geographically relevant ads. This is a common occurrence, whether you’re surfing the web on your phone or your desktop computer. Google, which makes most of its money by providing ads, uses this targeting advertising technique frequently.

Your phone may also use GPS to tag any photographs you take with location data, providing one more way that you can sort those photos later on when you’re making your digital photo albums. Again, though, chances are good that this is a service that you can opt out of through your phone’s settings menu.

If you keep up with news from the tech world, you were probably aware in recent months of a number of controversies involving GPS cell phone tracking. Certain pointed questions were raised by those in the media about what, exactly, the world’s tech companies were doing with our personal GPS data.

The concern was arguably a reasonable one. It’s been a rule of thumb for quite some time that if you can’t figure out what a company is selling, it’s probably us. That’s how Google and Facebook have made their billions: by selling our personal information – which we freely provided them with – to those who would pay for it, all in the name of selling more relevant ads.

The question of location data became a tinder box when people started figuring out that our digital lives are not wholly our own. Images sprang into peoples’ heads of g-men in dark rooms tracking our every movement, whether we’re driving to work, visiting family, or just going for a Sunday drive.

A common argument is that “those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.” That completely side-steps the issue, however. What we need to take away from this great debate is that we need to demand greater transparency from the companies to whom we’ve vouchsafed our data.

At the end of the day, howeverPsychology Articles, it’s easy to see that GPS tracking is a hugely useful and paradigm-shifting tool for all involved. It just comes down to how we use it.

Benefits of Web Based ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

ERP software solution streamlines most of the business processes, reduces time consuming and tedious manual operations. It gives required information by storing it from all the sections in a standard format and gives access to the people to retrieve the data they require to complete their jobs.

Web Based ERP software can be easily accessed by users of various sections of an organization at the same time with their particular work wise logins. The software can be deployed to the web server or on local server depending on the client requirements. It also can be accessed on the mobile devices and tablets. The server is located with the source and the users can access the program through the world wide web. It creates web based ERP more perfect by cutting down the sources.

These software used for business management, covers the business processes such as manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, Point of Sale, inventory management, accounting, financial, HR management, service and maintenance. “Decision making” and “Ease of use” are two most important factors that were taken into consideration. There is very less time required for a user to be able to use the software and to assist the higher management monitoring the effectiveness of the different business functions.

With the fast-growing business needs in India and worldwide, the requirement for substantial and still fast ERP solution is a compulsory. The integration between various modules of the system helps to decrease time wasted to complete a task, improve efficiency and focus on business visibility for decision making.

Some core benefits of the system:

  • Accessibility
    No installation on PCs
    Cross platform
    Seamless updates
    Available anywhere, any time
    Less system independent bugs
    Social ennoblement
    Data safety
    Lower software price entry point
    Access to new web assets.
    Mobile Device Access.
    Web-based solutions have shifted from being an ERP platform viewed with doubt to a point where web based ERP is now the selected scenario over the conventional software based applications.